Sampeng market

Bus No. 8, 169, Taxi 15 Minutes


         A fragrant and colourful market along the Chao Phraya river, fresh flowers and vegetables are brought here every morning from surrounding provinces. The kaleidoscope of colours and pungent odour of flowers provide an exotic sensory stimulation. Its proximity to Chinatown and Pahurat make it a convenient stop while in the area; it's a bit of a walk though, so you may wish to hire a tuk-tuk instead.

Also, the market's main action takes place late at night or in the early morning, so to catch the action your best bet is to hire a taxi from other parts of the city, or at a nearby hotel.

Hilight :
    Sampeng is located near Chinatown, Sampeng is one of Thailand's oldest wholesale districts.


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A - New Suanmali Hotel

B - Sampeng market