Bobae market

Bus No. 73, Taxi 15 Minutes
Distance : 0.8 KM


Bobae market has been well known as the wholesale garment centre for over 30 years. It's a pretty sizable market with part of it out doors = hot and sweaty and part of it in Bobae Tower = air conditioned market. You can get really good bargains early morning at about 05.00 hrs. Stalls that come early don't pay rent, so their goods are cheaper. Easiest way to reach Bobae Market is via speed boat at Khlong Saen Sab (Saen Sab Canal). There are many piers to board, however the easiest one would be the Pratunam Pier (opposite Central World Plaza) under the small canal bridge.


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A - New Suanmali Hotel

B - Bobae market